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Fit Adjustable Nursing Bra

Fit Adjustable Nursing Bra

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Introducing the U.S. Design and Utility Patent Pending* Fit Adjustable Nursing Bra – a blend of practicality, style, and confidence for today’s mothers. It’s more than just a bra; it’s a symbol of strength, comfort, and fashion in your motherhood journey.

*Patent number: XXXRF#05373

Key Features:

  1. Fits to Your Changing Shape: Our bras’ front band can be easily adjusted to fit your evolving body, offering extra support precisely where you need it. This feature has a pending US patent.
  2. Extra Support while Breastfeeding: Our bras’ front outside wing can provide extra support through the side and bottom of the breasts while breastfeeding, effectively prevent sagging and reducing the possibility of droopy breasts. This feature has a pending US patent.
  3. Soft and Cool to Sleep in: Designed to eliminate the discomfort of stiff materials and elastics (which often cause serious illness such as clogged milk ducts), our bras are made of bamboo jersey which are extremely soft and much cooler than normal bras. You can sleep comfortably with our bras, less worrying about sweat.
  4. Elegant: Our bras use French-sourced laces, adding an aesthetic touch and ensuring you feel confident and beautiful during this special phase of your life.
  5. Designed for Nursing Moms: Seamlessly crafted to accommodate breastfeeding, the gathered seams at the bottom of the bra cups allow ample room for your breasts to expand. Plus, removable foam cups provide additional protection for outdoor activities.
  6. Embraced Sustainability: Our bras are made of bamboo jersey which are much more sustainable and biodegradable than cotton or synthetic fabric.

Rediscover confidence and beauty in motherhood with our Fit Adjustable Nursing Bra. Make every moment special with the perfect blend of comfort, style, and support.

Body: 95% Bamboo Jersey, 5% Spandex
Lace Trim: 77% Nylon, 23% Spandex

Machine wash cold with like colors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Courtney Z.
Best Nursing Bra Ever!

We LOVE our Muqin - such a game changer for easy access to the girls. Thank you for making something easy in the overwhelming state of new motherhood!

Kristen Miele

It is def worth a buy. Fits well AND makes me feel cute :) Plus it actually feels nice too.

Crystal Ozsoy
Soft and beautiful

All other nursing bras would bother me, but wearing this one was like a dream! The fabric is super soft, I forget I’m wearing it! The lace is beautiful and unique, and the clips are very easy to attach and deattach, much needed for tired new moms! A+++

Very comfortable

I received my nursing bra in the mall just in time before baby arrived. The softest and comfortable nursing bra I had purchased. The size I have is L/XL and it fits perfectly for a regular bra in size 38C. I would definitely be purchasing some more.

Samantha Landis

Love that it’s functional for nursing but also beautiful. lace is not scratchy at all!