About Us

After having her son, MUQIN LLC. founder and designer Dr. Ling Zhang became hyper-aware of the limited and underwhelming options with maternity and nursing garments. When she had her daughter in 2020, a decade later, she assumed the selection of items for new mothers would be better but found it frustrating that the options were even worse than before. She recognized that the maternity industry fell short when it came to clothing that prioritized comfort as much as function. With that in mind, she set out to create a new maternity brand to bridge that gap, and thus, MUQIN was born.

Ling had five years of experience as a professional bra designer before getting her Ph.D. in apparel design. She currently works at Iowa State University as an Associate Professor and researcher. MUQIN is a passion project she decided to take on because ­­­­­­­she understands the unexpectedness that comes with being a new mom. She wants to help make the transition to parenthood easier for new families by providing them with garments they can count on time and time again.

MUQIN strives to rejuvenate maternity garments with comfort and attractiveness at the forefront. By focusing on sustainable and innovative textiles, we create modern pieces that adapt to your body and your needs, not the other way around.